Building Humidor??
Not a bad idea !!

Building humidor number one can be a easy project with a payoff that is just continuous. Just think about it, telling anyone who cares to listen how you made this humidor with your very own hands.

For the Cigar Aficionado/Handyman this is a must do, a can do. The parts are not vast and are easily available online and not very expensive You can make the humidor any way you like, hell, you pick the parts.

First things first! How many cigars do you plan to store in the humidor. The bigger the cigars the more room needed, decide early , on the size of the humidor that is prefered.

Materials needed:
√ Hardware
√ Wood glue
√ Spanish Cedar
√ Hardwood(exterior)
√ A Hygrometer
√ A Humidifier
√ Finish (polyurethane)

Building Humidor

Woods like Walnut, Maple or Cherry can be used to build a humidor. They are naturally beautiful woods the will finish very nicely.. The more expensive woods Burle, Teek can be used if you want to get the very best for this project.

Sanding and finishing will ensure that the interior and the exterior of the humidor are evenly coated with polyurethane or a stain. Thoroughly sand the humidor. This will not only make the humidor shiny but it will protect the wood from the high humidity the inside of the humidor must maintain.

On a project like this, 5-6 coated of polyurethane to the exterior of the humidor and about 2-3 on the interior to get that smooth finished look what will make you proud.

Spanish Cedar Lining... Why line a humidor with Spanish Cedar?

Fist of all, Spanish Cedar can absorb and release moisture which helps regulate humidity
Second, Spanish Cedar enhances the flavor of cigars as they age inside the humidor as it is very aromatic.

Anything from 1/4" to about 3/8" is good, just make sure the Spanish cedar Lining is cut and fit unfinished with the utmost care.

Adding the knobs and hinges Fittings

Here is a link to get a Free Humidor Plan!!!

Here is a link to get a just make the necessary adjustments in lengthes, wood,and fittings.


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