Humidor preparation And Seasoning
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Let me tell you, there is nothing worse than reaching for a cigar and having it crack as soon as you try to cut it.

Crra-crack!! .....another ruined cigar.
Wouldn't you rather be enjoying your smokes instead of picking up the leaves of a $10 plus cigar?

Cracked cigar

This is less likely to happen to you if you know how to......

. Look for quality Humidor

. Choose the right kind of hygrometer

. Pick the right Humidification device

. Humidor Preparation and Seasoning

. Keep consistent levels.

. Care and Maintenance

Everything Is Right Here!!

Never experience the heartbreak of a cracked cigar again .
Rest assured the information provided here will help in preventing such a thing from happening to you ever again. We took the time to find the hidden techniques and practices used by the best of the best!!

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"How To Save Thousands By Easily Growing Your Own Tobacco Plants"!

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